Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Virgin for Hire: A Fairytale (Part 1)

Dear Mum and Dad
I am writing today to share some good news. It seems that work will I am coming home for a visit.

Therese stared at the page in front of her, the quill paused above the inkpot. She bit her lip. Well, what was she supposed to tell them? She’d been forewarned enough about the big cities and the goings on there. It was one thing to do a job where no one knew your name or who your family was. Quite another to do the same job where the whole town knows you and will be asking questions. And what was she to tell them? She had come to the city with dreams of being a governess. Well, for good or for bad, she would have to tell them before she reached her home village. She would have to admit what her new job is. Well, she did work for one of the best DS companies in the city. It was a proper one too, with its own office and everything, not a back room in a cheap tavern. And she got good money for one or two day’s work a month. She’s probably even saved more lives than she can count. She said the words out loud, hoping that doing so would take away some of the sting. She even tried smiling while she said it.
 “Mum, Dad, I’m working as a virgin for hire.” No matter how she put it, it never sounded good.

 To be continued...